The Nature Conservancy Event Recap

Protecting the natural world is what the Nature Conservancy does, so it was a no-brainer to partner with New York’s Intelligencer site — which covers hot-button, globally impactful topics — to bring attention to this urgent issue. Focusing on this cause, New York Stories crafted a premiere event around the newly relaunched Intelligencer site, inviting environmental-policy leader and Nature Conservancy executive Lynn Scarlet to be part of a live panel led by New York’s preeminent voice on climate change, Intelligencer editor David Wallace-Wells.

A select group of thought-leaders, including New York Media CEO Pam Wasserstein, editor-in-chief Adam Moss, and high-level Nature Conservancy patrons, attended the panel at the Whitby Hotel. The panelists also included economist and conservationist Geoffrey Heal, climate scientist Kate Marvel, and environmental reporter and author Andrew Revkin. After the deep-dive discussion, guests were invited to engage the panelists in conversation during an intimate cocktail reception. On Twitter and Instagram (virtual audiences were able to experience an Instagram Stories recap of panel highlights), the event garnered more than 200,000 social impressions.

New York Magazine Intelligencer Live – Full Stream