Sephora: Influencer Content

For beauty-lovers, Sephora is the ultimate playground — but with the abundance of choice, it’s helpful to get a little guidance from trusted personalities. To leverage influencers in support of the beauty destination’s niche fragrance collection, New York Stories developed a custom-content series (complete with playful gifs) featuring inspiring women’s favorite scents. Each of our carefully selected influencers shared the memories that special scents evoked for them, while enticing our audience to follow their trend and purchase.

Part I    —   Part II    —   Part III

Additionally, the studio created a series of programs for Sephora, highlighting the best, curated recommendations for fragrance, makeup, and skincare. Highlights from the programs include an animated, shoppable guide to the aforementioned niche fragrances (helping solve a common concern: online shoppers can’t experience scent directly), as well as an easy-to-use product-recommendation generator dedicated to elevating your beauty routine.