detail_images_saks_v1Saks Fifth Avenue

To drive fashion-lovers to Saks Fifth Avenue’s newly renovated fifth floor — revamped with more contemporary brands and styles — New York Stories tapped five Cut editors to reveal the top five items on their shopping list for fall. From fashion director Rebecca Ramsey’s red boots to senior market editor Diana Tsui’s pink-fur coat, their wish-list pieces — and the reasoning behind them — served as highly effective shopping inspiration. We styled and shot custom photography of each editor’s picks, heightening desire for their style selections, and built these product-driven images into a custom article that garnered upwards of 10 million impressions.

Along with the onsite post, we created an Instagram Stories “shop-along” led by market editor Lindsay Peoples. Peoples toured the new floor, pointing out key fall trends, as well as her favorite designers and pieces, and gave styling advice along the way. A custom event capped off the program, ushering in 200-plus guests for an exclusive evening of shopping and socializing, complete with cocktails, bites, and a DJ-supplied soundtrack.

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