Friends of the Cut

The Cut is the premier destination for women with sharp, stylish minds. Our exclusive influencer circle — only 7 women — features some of today’s most interesting innovators across style, entrepreneurship, culture, wellness, and politics.

Offerings include:

Custom video, article, or photo content featuring one or more Friends of the Cut  |  Social promotion of your initiatives or campaigns across New York Media and Friends of the Cut’s personal social channels  |  Event appearances


Our in-house creative and video production team will create short-form or long-form video content on behalf of your company or initiative to amplify your campaign and brand presence.

Offerings include:

Short-form and long-form video | Talent sourcing & casting | Digital & social promotion of your video | White-label content creation

Social Media Content

New York Stories’ digital experts view social media as a strategic tool to drive meaningful results on custom content and beyond. We leverage pixel data to optimize delivery on the most meaningful on-site interactions. A/B testing, editorial insights, and learnings from similar campaigns ensure high-performing social executions.

Offerings include:

Live social coverage of your brand’s events on New York channels | Custom content promotion  | Targeted distribution of your brand assets | Influencer content generation



New York Stories uses research to illuminate truths about brand perception, campaign effectiveness, and the best way to reach your target audience. We’ll work with you to develop custom first-party insights based on our proprietary audience data, enabling campaign optimization and generating practical insights. New York Stories can also leverage the New York audience to evaluate your organization’s messaging or campaigns.

Offerings include:

Pre-sale consumer insights | Contextual ad targeting | Insights based on your 1st party data | Custom audience profiles | Post-sale brand lift analysis | Access to reader panels



With millions of loyal readers per month, New York Media speaks authentically to a broad, cosmopolitan audience. Our editorially rooted expertise in messaging, research, events, and content creation uniquely positions New York Stories to develop or refine your organization’s inclusivity and diversity initiatives.

Offerings include:

Research (custom surveys, focus groups, white papers) | Messaging reviews/content audits | Events | Content creation | Social community building | Editorial input