Building on New York Media’s highly successful editorial franchise and sold-out event series “How I Get It Done,” the Cut presents the first ever, daylong How I Get It Done—a day of honest, open conversations about how women make their lives happen.

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• March 4, 2019 | 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
• Featured talent:

Aidy Bryant (actor)
Padma Lakshmi (actor/TV host/activist)
Maya Rudolph (actor/producer)
Natasha Lyonne (producer/actor)
Robin Roberts (journalist/TV host)
Kate Marvel (climate scientist)
Jessamyn Stanley (advocate/yoga teacher)
A.M. Homes (author)
Susan Miller (founder of Astrology Zone)
Hope Solo (Olympic & World Cup champion/human rights activist)


• How I Get It Done
• The Big Picture
• Starting Your Own Company, presented by Amazon Handmade
• Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
• Work Wives
• Realizing Your Vision
• Your Social Media Story
• The Arc of Your Career
• How to Manage Change
• How to Make Yourself Work (When You Don’t Feel Like it)
• Keynote: Started From the Bottom Now I’m Here!